• Diesel Engines, Sugarcane Juice Extractor Machines, Chaff Cutter Machines, Submersible Electric Pumps
  • Water Cooled Diesel Engines, Air Cooled Diesel Engines Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter
  • Diesel Engines, Sugarcane Juice Extractor Machines,
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  • Submersible Electric Pumps
  • Chaff Cutter Machines, Submersible Electric Pumps
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Diesel Engines, Water and Air Cooled Diesel Engines, Sugarcane Juice Machines...

Manufacturer, Exporter in Kolhapur, India

Diesel Engines, Water Cooled Diesel Engines, Air cooled Diesel Engines, Sugarcane Machines, Sugarcane Juice Machines, Sugarcane Juice Extractor Machines, Chaff Cutter Machines, Fodder Cutter Machine, Chaff (Fodder) Cutter Machine With Motor, Heavy Duty Petrol Engine Chaff (Fodder) Cutter Machines, Diesel Engine Chaff (Fodder) Cutter Machines, Flywheel Type Chaff (Fodder) Cutter Machines, Submersible Electric Pumps Manufacturer, Exporter in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India

Rocket Engineering Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
ISO 9001:2015 certified & CRISIL rated
We are the leading manufacturer for small size Air Cooled Diesel Engines and Water Cooled Diesel Engines ranging between 2.5 HP and 28 HP. We are the one of its kind SME, to venture into R&D very early on in our journey. Our unique designs enabled us to obtain patent rights ISI approvals for all our products. Our USP lies in our indigenously manufactured Portable Series of Diesel Engines which provides portability, fuel efficiency and better weight to power ratio. Today, market shelves are full of Comet look alike products, sold as Comet Type Engines. Our customers, however repeatedly buy only genuine and original Comet Products. This kind of unperturbed consumer loyalty drives us to do what we do the best - Manufacture world class Diesel Engines.
A journey into the annals of our history
It was indeed a unique experience to take journey into the annals of history of a company right from its inception, going through its growth process..
A Dealers Letter
COMET and Sanklecha Industries' association is nine years old, but it feels 99 years old. Going beyond all professional ties, the Rocket Family has the knack of making you feel part of the family.

How do we create conducive work climate
REC is forward thinking on the welfare of its workforce. It encourages the empowerment of their children through education...

How do we support our dealers
  • We register our products and empanel with state government agencies so that the dealers can assist customers in availing the facilities provided by the government.
  • We help our dealers fight competition by giving them incentives, great marketing campaigns, participation in exhibitions and demonstrations and through great after sales services.
  • Every year we evaluate the performance of all our dealers and reward them accordingly. We even reach out to poor performing dealers and develop programs to improve their performance.