About us

Rocket Engineering Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Established in 1960, Rocket Engineering was conceptualized, created and commissioned as a commercial enterprise by our visionary Founder Chairman Mr. Hemubhai Shah Alias Vasa. Post-independence, the infant agro based economy of India posed some great opportunities for businesses. The infant agro based economy of India needed power to mechanise its farming, construct its roads and build its buildings. Hemubhai was quick to realise the needs and opportunities presented by times then and this led to the birth of Rocket Engineering Corporation Pvt. Ltd. A company specialising in manufacturing of diesel engines. Soon our engines started to provide power to agriculture, construction and marine industries of India.
Rocket Engineering Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Our uniqueness lies in re- engineering under RECPL – Department of Research & Development. We are the only company in India, of our size, to have a full-fledged indigenous R&D Department. We have succeeded in bringing down drastically the weight of our engines. Our entirely new range of innovative Diesel Engines has enabled us to effectively achieve the best weight to power ratio.

Today, RE is a pioneer in in-house development of Small Size Diesel Engines in India. In doing so we did not resort to easy and tempting Reverse Engineering. As part of ongoing development, we have further developed power packed series (PPW & PPA series) at higher horse power ranges with lower weight and fuel oil consumption. We have successfully developed two basic designs with 6 different variants.

All our products are a result of arduous R&D. Such is the popularity of our Brand, that our competitors copy our designs and sell them as COMET TYPE products with minor cosmetic changes.

We have painstakingly built our reputation on the cornerstone of Quality. In order to ensure that our quality is not compromised at any given time, we have in-house dedicated special purpose machining line for producing critical components such as crankcase, crankshaft, cylinder head, camshaft and connecting rods. This ensures efficient and trouble free operation of our engines.

Empowered and encouraged by the unstinted support of our loyal customers we are now ready to successfully surmount ‘RE MISSION 2020’. Under aegis of RE MISSION 2020, we would deploy cutting edge technology for producing comprehensive range of innovative, state-of-the-art products that would use ‘Renewable Energy' to generate their motive power.

We are racing to embrace the future.